(Podcast) How Does Tennessee Regulate Cannabinoids?

Click here to listen on Spotify In May, 2023, Governor Lee signed SB 378/HB 403, which imposed significant regulations on the production and sale of hemp-derived cannabinoids, including Delta-8, Delta-10, and all other compounds known as cannabimimetics, which have effects on the same neurological system as marijuana. Due to changes

(Podcast) How Law Enforcement is Rethinking Mental Health and Addiction

Click here to listen on Spotify If anyone has gotten a true bird’s eye view of the drug problem in the United States, it’s someone like Special Agent Karl Colder of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. From starting in Philadelphia when crack cocaine was the top concern to overseeing the

(Podcast) The Kids Are Alright: Meet the Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors

The Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors are a group of college students, undergrad and grad, that identify as being in recovery and or having a mental health disorder. Building a community on campus of students wanting a safer, sober college experience, the ambassadors hosted weekly all-recovery meetings and mental health events,

(Podcast) What’s Changing on College Campuses in Tennessee?

In 2020, the TN Together Student Survey found that the average age for first using a substance was 13 to 14 years old. Identifying and intervening at that age is thus crucial. Most of the time, however, the problem isn’t caught until later: usually when the person is college aged.

(Podcast) What does “primary” prevention for SUD look like?

Everyone who’s gone to elementary school in the last fifty years has had some sort of “Just Say No” sessions and activities; we’re all familiar with this type of informational prevention. But there is much more to the picture. My guest this month is Stephanie Strutner, CEO of the Prevention