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SMART Policy Network


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Who We Are

The SMART Policy Network was created in 2020 to support the University of Tennessee’s 2019-2025 strategic plan objective of providing leadership in mitigating the opioid crisis in Tennessee.

This collaborative effort is led by a multi-disciplinary group of experts from the University of Tennessee, East Tennessee State University, Metro Drug Coalition, the Tennessee Judiciary, Cedar Recovery, and New Hope Treatment Center.

The network provides a forum for policy makers and addiction experts from across the state to examine policy that will improve the health and welfare of Tennesseans who suffer from substance use disorder.

The network’s goal is to become a valued resource for data-driven, evidence-based, non-partisan and actionable policy information on substance misuse and addiction for the State of Tennessee.

What We Do

The SMART Policy Network strives to provide evidence on best practices to communities and decision makers, including case studies and policy choices from locations. Our activities include:

  • Reviewing research and analysis to develop a collective voice that informs legislative action
  • Preparing and disseminating briefs on evidence-informed approaches to addiction-related policy
  • Providing members of the media with accurate scientific information about addiction and addiction-related policy
  • Engaging with the UT government relations and advocacy team to consult with policymakers on pending laws and regulations.
  • Providing user-friendly data visualizations on substance misuse prevention, treatment and recovery metrics.