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The SMART Initiative: empowering Tennessee to overcome the overdose crisis.

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(New Policy Brief) Beyond Fentanyl Test Strips: The Need to Decriminalize All Drug Checking Equipment in Tennessee

KEY POINTS In 2022, Tennessee decriminalized fentanyl test strips (FTS) through Public Chapter 764. Thousands have since been distributed by...
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SMART in the news: “Madison County’s OAC discusses how to distribute settlement funds”

SMART's Courtney Collier, our West Tennessee Substance Use Response Consultant, attended the inaugural meeting of the Madison County opioid abatement...
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(Podcast) How Health Insurance (or Lack Thereof) Affects Treatment Options In Tennessee

Click here to listen on Spotify According to the most recent report from the Tennessee Department of Health, two-thirds of...
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“Has fentanyl peaked?” is the wrong question.

On May 21, the New York Times published an article titled “Has Fentanyl Peaked?” The premise is that the “opioid...
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SMART in the news: “A chance collaboration between the nightlife director and a police sergeant has yielded a breakthrough”

"One of his partners in that effort was Trevor Henderson, the former director of Metro Public Health’s Overdose Response Program...
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SMART’s Trevor Henderson awarded for prior work on overdose response

SMART's Middle Tennessee substance use response consultant, Trevor Henderson, was honored by the Department of Justice with the 2024 Award...
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Forest For the Trees: The Stigma of Substance Use During Pregnancy

Watch this documentary on the stigma of substance use during pregnancy, masterfully produced by ETSU's Dr. Kelly Moore, funded by...
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(Podcast) Recovery Community Centers Are Changing Everything

Click here to listen on Spotify Naloxone. Access to treatment. Housing. Employment. Educational opportunities. We’re used to hearing about the...
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The Substance Misuse and Addiction Resource for Tennessee (SMART) Initiative guides community leaders in implementing evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that mitigate damage from substance use disorder and the opioid epidemic.

Originating in 2020 as the SMART Policy Network, the SMART Initiative grew in scope as it was incorporated into the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service in early 2022. In addition to examining and communicating data and policies related to substance use disorder, the SMART Initiative seeks to empower communities and local governments to combat the overdose epidemic.

Our mission is to empower Tennessee to overcome the overdose crisis.

Our vision is a healthy Tennessee where people impacted by substance use can live and thrive.

The SMART Policy Network periodically publishes research findings, data and best practices in the form of policy briefs. You can join our mailing list to get the latest policy briefs in your inbox, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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