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SMART: Providing Leadership in Mitigating the Opioid Crisis in Tennessee

The Substance Misuse and Addiction Resource for Tennessee (SMART) Initiative guides community leaders in implementing evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that mitigate damage from substance use disorder and the opioid epidemic.

Originating in 2020 as the SMART Policy Network, the SMART Initiative grew in scope as it was incorporated into the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service in early 2022. In addition to examining and communicating data and policies related to substance use disorder, the SMART Initiative seeks to empower communities and local governments to combat the overdose epidemic.


(Podcast) Decoding Autopsies: What Medical Examiners See That Others Miss

Click here to listen on Spotify When the CDC reports that almost 4,000 Tennesseans died of a drug overdose in...
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(Podcast) How Does Tennessee Regulate Cannabinoids?

Click here to listen on Spotify In May, 2023, Governor Lee signed SB 378/HB 403, which imposed significant regulations on...
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(Podcast) How Law Enforcement is Rethinking Mental Health and Addiction

Click here to listen on Spotify If anyone has gotten a true bird’s eye view of the drug problem in...
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(Podcast) Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose

TEMPO, or Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdoses, is a multi-coalition and nonprofit program to distribute naloxone and train...
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(Podcast) Are More Syringe Service Programs Coming to Rural Tennessee?

My guest this month is Karen Pershing, executive director of Metro Drug Coalition. In the last legislative session, Karen played...
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(Podcast) The Kids Are Alright: Meet the Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors

The Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors are a group of college students, undergrad and grad, that identify as being in recovery...
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(Podcast) Fentanyl is Now a Felony in Tennessee

Earlier this year, three different bills were filed that would all increase the penalty for possessing fentanyl to a Class...
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Are Xylazine Test Strips a Feasible Strategy?

Most people are now aware of fentanyl testing strips, which were decriminalized last year in Tennessee. But with the rise...
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