(Podcast) How Does Tennessee Regulate Cannabinoids?

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In May, 2023, Governor Lee signed SB 378/HB 403, which imposed significant regulations on the production and sale of hemp-derived cannabinoids, including Delta-8, Delta-10, and all other compounds known as cannabimimetics, which have effects on the same neurological system as marijuana.

Due to changes in the 2018 Farm Bill, these compounds abruptly became legal across the country, and many prevention advocates were saying that we had effectively legalized weed, but even worse, as many of these chemicals were being produced and sold without any oversight or restrictions, and kids could purchase these products just about anywhere.

The bill that is the subject of our episode today sought to change that. It goes into effect this July.

My guest this month is Stephanie Strutner, CEO of the Prevention Alliance of Tennessee, which represents anti-drug coalitions across the state. We dig into the weeds of what this bill does and doesn’t do, what its expected outcomes will be, and what cannabis-related law in Tennessee might look like in the future.

Hosted and produced by Jeremy Kourvelas. Original music by Blind House.

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