(Podcast) The Kids Are Alright: Meet the Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors

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The Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors are a group of college students, undergrad and grad, that identify as being in recovery and or having a mental health disorder. Building a community on campus of students wanting a safer, sober college experience, the ambassadors hosted weekly all-recovery meetings and mental health events, as well as sober-friendly social events like group yoga, concerts, bounce house obstacle courses, and more. They also partnered with TDMHSAS and the Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists to provide trainings on how to be a recovery ally, carry and administer naloxone, and more.

My guests this month are two of the Ambassadors, Grace Hardin and Morgan Schmitz. I wish I could have had on all of them, but there is only so much time to an episode. As such, I strongly encourage you to check out the @rockytoprecovery instagram so you can see the reels the others have made, to get a deeper look into how the on-campus sober community is growing and thriving.

Hosted and produced by Jeremy Kourvelas. Original music by Blind House.