(Podcast) Methamphetamine and the Overdose Crisis

SMART Policy Podcast: Meth's Role in the Overdose Crisis.

We are now in the fourth wave of the overdose crisis. Fentanyl is the still the most common drug involved in these deaths, but stimulants, primarily methamphetamine, is increasingly prevalent. In fact, the vast majority of all overdose deaths now involve multiple drugs. Meth, cocaine, heroin; worse still, newer contaminants

New Policy Brief: Harm Reduction

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Key Points Harm reduction is a policy philosophy aimed at minimizing negative health outcomes by embracing compassion and rejecting stigma. It is often described as “meeting people where they are.” The core of harm reduction is acknowledging the lethality of modern drugs such as fentanyl. If you keep the person

New Podcast Episode: Harm Reduction

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Harm reduction does not mean drug use is condoned. It simply means withholding condemnation of the behavior while the consequences of behavior are first addressed. For opioids, this basically means keeping people alive so that you can treat them. Jeremy speaks with Genoa Clark, Director of Harm Reduction at Choice

SMART and TDMHSAS launch the Rocky Top Recovery Ambassador Program

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The Student Recovery Ambassador is a pilot program funded by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to increase awareness and decrease stigma related to substance use and mental health disorders on college campuses.  The Rocky Top Recovery Ambassadors will host sober events, recruit students to attend