Forest For the Trees: The Stigma of Substance Use During Pregnancy

Watch this documentary on the stigma of substance use during pregnancy, masterfully produced by ETSU’s Dr. Kelly Moore, funded by the Tennessee Department of Health.  Featured are mothers in recovery and several experts across the state, including SMART Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Tourville and friends of SMART Dr. Stephen Loyd,

(Podcast) The Buprenorphine Waiver is Gone…Now What?

Click here to listen on Spotify There have been huge changes at the federal level regarding the prescribing of medications for opioid use disorder, particularly regarding buprenorphine. For two decades since the DATA 2000 law, addiction clinicians had to get a specialized waiver through the DEA to prescribe buprenorphine, and

(Podcast) How Peer Recovery Patches Treatment Gaps

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you know that there is strong evidence for the effectiveness of addiction treatment, and that the biggest obstacle we face in combating the overdose crisis is an overall lack of access to that treatment. Health insurance is of course a

(Podcast) What’s Happening with the Opioid Abatement Settlements?

New podcast episode: What's happening with the opioid settlements?

Starting with the multiple guilty pleas from Purdue Pharma in 2020, thousands of lawsuits across the country have lead to a series of settlements from numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors for their role in the opioid crisis. From just the first and second wave of settlements with Cardinal Health, Janssen,

(Podcast) Organizational Failure: How Bad Business Caused the Opioid Crisis

New podcast episode: Organizational failure; how bad business caused the opioid crisis

Purdue Pharma. Johnson and Johnson. CVS. Walgreens. I could keep going. Drug manufacturers and distributors have rightly come under scrutiny in light of the opioid abatement settlements. As these companies start paying hundreds of millions of dollars out across the country, in an effort to try to make up for

(Podcast) The New CDC Guidelines: Correcting Past Mistakes

SMART Policy Podcast: New CDC Prescription Guidelines: Correcting Past Mistakes, featuring Clay Jackson, MD.

At the end of 2022, the CDC released new prescribing guideline for opioids, replacing their last set from 2016. Excluding patients with cancer and other terminal illnesses, this guideline strongly emphasizes alternatives to opioids and urges extreme caution for physicians considering new opioid prescriptions, while also recommending how to appropriately

Naloxone Access Update: Over-the-counter Narcan expected in March, 2023

Narcan nasal spray in the package.

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. has announced that the FDA has fast-tracked their application for an over-the-counter (OTC) version of their trademarked Narcan nasal spray, and are anticipating approval as early as March 29th, 2023. A week prior, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf issued an open call for such applications, promising to assign

Guest Column: How mental health and substance abuse treatment help incarcerated Tennesseans

A woman in prison with her arms resting against the cell bars.

Read the full article at The Tennessean. Changes to telehealth policy enable mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. This is crucial, as the rate of incarceration is increasing the most in rural areas.  About two-thirds of all incarcerated Tennesseans meet the criteria for a diagnosable substance use disorder. This

New Podcast Episode: Criminal Justice Reform

SMART Policy Podcast graphic.

If there’s one thing Tennesseans can agree on, it’s that the criminal justice system needs some improvements.  In the summer of 2021, the Reentry Success Act and Alternatives to Incarceration Act passed; at the same time telehealth permissions expanded.  Jeremy talks with Judge Duane Slone and Dr. Stephen Loyd about